The AIWF Sabbatical offers the chance for line cooks at participating restaurants to experience a culinary education of their own design, broadening their horizons, of which they will then return to their restaurant of employment more cultured and experienced both professionally and personally. Your donations ensure that the deserving recipient incurs no costs associated with their incomparable curriculum.

The sabbatical program allowed me to step outside of the pastry kitchen and explore other culinary interests in a professional setting. Incredibly inspired by the bakers, cheese-makers, butchers, and business owners who shared their techniques, philosophies, and management styles, I returned to NY more appreciative of small U.S. businesses exercising responsible food practices while also taking care of their employees and positively impacting their communities. Having my chefs, managers, and AIWF see my potential and give me this opportunity greatly motivates me to push harder and take more risks in the kitchen. I’ve become more confident in my abilities as a cook and leader.

--Christine Lisa (2015 AIWF Culinary Sabbatical Winner

For information about our Sabbatical Scholarship program, please reach out to us at